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Meet the Tinkerers



We are two gadget-loving engineers with over 40 years combined experience in product design, sourcing and testing.

We don’t have 1000 products sourced on the lowest price. We have a small number of carefully selected and high value products that we use every day.

These are the result of ongoing benchmarking and testing of hundreds of products from different manufacturers. So the ones we offer are some of the best in their product segment and fully backed by us.  

In a nutshell – we do the product testing for you and take the guesswork out of buying new technology – so you can buy with confidence.

If you are buying for someone or getting mixed messages on the best product to meet your needs, give us a call.

We don’t hide behind our website, we stand by our products, so get in touch with us:

P: 03) 9028 TNKR or 03) 9028 8657

E: info@tinkertech.com.au

Skype: tinker_technologies 


Even for people who are not tech-challenged, being able to locate good quality gadgets and technology at a reasonable price and expecting them to turn up in a reasonable time and meet your expectations is increasingly unlikely.

eBay is flooded with cheap electronics either shipped directly from China or by international sellers with an Australian eBay account and a good 3PL (third party logistics) provider, allowing them to sell in Australia from anywhere around the world.

Whilst this provides strong competition and a wide variety of options for the consumer, there is limited accountability for the goods you receive. You often can’t send them back, and more importantly you just don’t know if the product is any good or do what it claims. In many cases the seller hasn’t even touched the product. 

If you are tech-savy you can spend days or weeks reading reviews and comparing specs, only to receive your goods and find something small like the battery clip doesn’t close properly and you’re left frustrated and disappointed, especially if the product was a gift for someone.

So this is the problem we aim to solve. We source various products from a range of manufacturers, bin the junk, and give you the best gear at a reasonable price. This removes the gamble of unknown faceless sellers, takes the guesswork out of your product sourcing, saves you a mountain of time, and ensures you get what you expect. We provide fast dispatch directly from Melbourne, and your money-back if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

Feel free to call us anytime or drop us a message with comments, feedback, issues. Crazy ideas are also welcome ;)


Ty has worn many hats including electrician, electrical engineer and commercial manager and is a mad water sports enthusiast. Paul is a country boy and keen musician turned mechatronics engineer and software developer.

We both cut our teeth in the local automotive industry. Working with great local component suppliers, we always had dreams of doing things our way.

We started out sourcing gadgets to meet our own needs like gaming headsets and Bluetooth headphones, which quickly grew to meet the needs of our families and friends too – like the karaoke machine….


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