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Tech company partners with Officer music school to drum up US sales

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Australian ecommerce company, Tinker Technologies, has partnered with The Drum House Music School in Officer for the launch of its new product offering, a portable electronic drumkit combined with free online drumming tutorials.

Jamie Draper of the Drum House Music School has recorded and produced a range of beginner drum tutorials for ‘Drumskool’ customers so that they could quickly learn some drumming fundamentals and basic techniques; “I teach a lot of young kids and teens and I see them get excited and stay motivated when they can jump in and play an instrument right away. With online tutorials they can start anytime.”

Drumskool went on sale last month in the US and Australia and already sales are exceeding expectations.

Paul Mason, Technical Director of Tinker Technologies, said he developed Drumskool as a practical learning system that can boost the practice frequency for beginner to advanced drummers; “Jamie is highly skilled and was a great partner for this release. Many aspiring drummers don’t have space for a traditional drumkit in their homes and only get to use a full-sized kit at school or in studios. Jamie shows learners how to use a drum pad at home with online lessons so that they don’t miss out on regular practice”.

Online music instruction is growing more popular and US customers have already asked Jamie to make further Drumskool tutorials; ‘tutorials are a great way to engage young people in music and basic practice but really should be combined with regular face-toface lessons to get the most out of your instrument,” Jamie recommends.

Drum House Music School is a start-up specializing in music instrument lessons for kids in the Pakenham/Officer area.


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